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SYMECS Law provides advisory services on tax matters to afford our clients the most efficient structure for all business and personal transactions. Our lawyers have extensive experience in liaising with the Bureau of Internal Revenue and have represented clients in tax disputes in both administrative and judicial levels, working closely with other government agencies and tribunals including the Court of Tax Appeals, the Bureau of Customs, and other local government units.

In addition to general tax planning, tax litigation, and addressing standard tax issues and queries for clients, our tax services include tax structuring and advice for local and cross-border transactions, merger and acquisitions, tax treaty relief, estate planning, securities offering, corporate reorganization, and due diligence on taxation matters, among others.  

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SYMECS Law provides a broad spectrum of corporate services to local and international entities. We assist in the selection of the best commercial venture for our clients and establish their legal presence here and abroad.

With the end in view of providing the best corporate structure for our clients that achieves an adequate balance between their business needs and the demands of the Philippine economy, SYMECS Law provides assistance in terms of corporate governance, financial structuring, compliance and corporate housekeeping. With the ever-changing requirements of the Philippine legal system, our lawyers keep abreast of all current relevant issues to better enable us to direct our clients towards their desired business objectives.

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SYMECS Law has intensive experience in projects for private energy production and distribution. From inception (due diligence, government bidding, negotiated contracts or greenfield projects) to operation (FIDIC contracts, contractor dispute, compliance, audit, financing, WESM), our lawyers are committed to regularly and properly advise our clients on commercial, environmental, regulatory and social acceptance issues.

Representing some of the largest developers in the country, particularly specializing in renewable energy projects, we have worked with environmental advisers and professional consultants in preparing various compliance documents with regulatory agencies. Our knowledge of the standards and guarantees required by international organizations such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, among others, enable us to effectively deliver our obligations to our client in an efficient and competent manner.

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Our intellectual property law practice includes protection on trademark, copyright, patent and product registration locally and abroad. This covers a broad spectrum of services such as compliance, monitoring, litigation, and enforcement in order to afford adequate protection and support to our clients.

In addition, SYMECS Law provides assistance in monitoring and prosecution to help establish and maintain our client’s property rights. With expertise in licensing, registration, technology transfer and dispute resolution, our lawyers are highly competent to provide advice and strategic options to our clients on how to work through and ultimately resolve their property rights issues.

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SYMECS Law provides legal services that are vital to all stages of an entity’s business operations from incorporation up to dissolution. Our Partners and support staff have more than twenty years of Collective first-hand experience in dealing with government agencies (such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Board of Investments, the Philippine Stock Exchange, among others), which ensures that our services are rendered in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Our services include securing the necessary permits that may be required by government agencies prior to and during the course of an entity’s business operations. SYMECS Law also assists clients in applying for registration with the Board of Investments, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, and other special economic zones to qualify for various fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.

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SYMECS Law provides high caliber litigation and dispute resolution representation by giving accurate and effective legal advice, strategy and advocacy prior to and throughout all stages of a legal proceeding. Our litigation practice extends to all fields of law including commercial, civil and criminal litigation, labor disputes and family law, as well as alternative modes of dispute resolution.

In our years of existence, we have handled a wide range of cases, and have gathered invaluable experience in litigation practice. With the knowledge that resort to court is often an undesirable last resort, our lawyers are highly equipped to determine the best strategic options for our clients to avoid costly and inefficient court processes, while providing more than satisfactory results that satisfy our clients’ needs.        

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SYMECS Law provides effective and comprehensive labor legal service to our clients particularly in the areas of  labor standards compliance, hiring concerns, the preparation of employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements,  company  policies  and  manuals,  legal  organizational  structure,  employee  status  and classification,  probation,  regularization,  employee  benefits,  drafting  and  negotiating  collective bargaining  agreements,  job  contracting  and  termination  concerns  including  dismissal,  resignation, retirement, redundancy and all other causes of termination of employment.  

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SYMECS Law is fully equipped to provide our clients with legal advice, strategy and implementation of legal procedure relating to all facets and stages of an election.  

Our lawyers have the experience and capability to address election law issues including the right to vote, voters  registration,  candidacy,  voting,  automated  elections,  electoral  fraud  and  filing  of  protests, referendum and plebiscite, organization of political parties, creation and conversion of local government units, and all other aspects of political law.

Our lawyers have been involved in election work since the 2001 Philippine elections. Our clients can rely on us to handle election concerns with utmost competence and sensitivity.

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SYMECS Law has extensive expertise in all aspects of Family Law, including adoption, custody, child and spousal support, prenuptial and post-marital agreements, annulment and legal separation, wills, trusts, and assets protection planning.

Often intertwined with our litigation and tax practice, our lawyers have handled numerous cases involving the delicate intricacies of Family Law. With the understanding that family proceedings are of a sensitive nature with far-reaching implications, SYMECS Law has committed to providing only the best service to ensure that the rights and interests of our clients are at all times preserved.

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SYMECS Law undertakes special projects that require expertise in the various fields of law. Specifically, our firm’s involvement in special projects ranges from infrastructure projects to fostering community relations.  

Infrastructure Projects BOT Arrangements

Our lawyers possess considerable knowledge ofthe government procurement and approval process, and financial, technical and legal review of infrastructure projects. This experience also encompasses the privatization of state-controlled areas, the statutory framework authorizing the private investment, as well as the regulatory regime applicable to the private entity.


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